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A Tipping Point for Hospitality Payment Innovation
23 October 2018 by Onyx CenterSource in Hospitality Trends & Research , Hotels ,

A recent study from and Amadeus reports just 15 percent of travel companies have attempted hospitality payment innovation in their systems over the last three years—despite the high bank fees associated with fragmented international business models. The report notes that third-party fees associated with consumer payment average 4.7 percent for airlines, 6 percent for […]

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How to Embrace Technology That is Shaping Millennial Travel
26 September 2018 by Onyx CenterSource in Hospitality Trends & Research , Hotels ,

Hoteliers and travel agents have seen hospitality industry trends change and grow over time. But the presence of technology that appeals to millennial travelers—both established and up-and-coming tech—is changing the industry like never before. With millennial travel accounting for 80% of online bookings, transitioning your business efforts to web and mobile is key to staying […]

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Delivering on the Potential of Blockchain Today
26 March 2018 by Dale Dawson in Hospitality Trends & Research ,

By now, you’ve no doubt been caught up in or at least been hearing all the buzz about blockchain, that promising but perhaps far in the future technology with the extreme potential to upend currency markets and the world of payments. As the world’s leading provider of hospitality technology solutions for commission payments for hotels […]

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The New Age of Meetings and Events
9 November 2017 by Bill Nicholson in Hospitality Trends & Research ,

In an age when travelers are used to being able to plan and book their travel with a quick search on their PC or a few taps on their phone, the world of meeting planning has remained largely a manual one. That is changing fast, however. With meeting and events bookings now representing a full […]

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Where B2B Payments, Transparency And The Future Intersect
10 July 2017 by Mark Dubrow in Hospitality Trends & Research ,

In recent blogs, we’ve offered tips on how hotels and online and traditional travel agencies can work together to maximize profits and develop better business relationships through more effective collaboration. While most of the suggestions specifically focused on commission payments and collections, they shared one common theme: the importance of transparency in getting the most […]

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