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Where B2B Payments, Transparency And The Future Intersect
10 July 2017 by Mark Dubrow in Hospitality Trends & Research ,

In recent blogs, we’ve offered tips on how hotels and online and traditional travel agencies can work together to maximize profits and develop better business relationships through more effective collaboration. While most of the suggestions specifically focused on commission payments and collections, they shared one common theme: the importance of transparency in getting the most […]

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My FutureSource Takeaways
8 May 2017 by Mark Dubrow in Company News ,

Disruptor: It’s a buzzword that can strike either fear or excitement in you depending on which side of the disruption your business may fall. Today I came into work with a renewed sense of excitement and invigoration after hosting FutureSource, our inaugural customer conference, last week in Fort Worth, Texas. It was an ambitious undertaking, […]

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5 Tips to Maximize Commissions for Travel Agencies
18 April 2017 by Trond Sorensen in Travel Agencies ,

When a significant part of your business is centered on booking hotels, every commission payment counts. But the sheer number of hotels you book every year can make it almost impossible to accurately track and chase all the money owed to you. Experience shows that agencies that try to do it all themselves may end […]

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5 Tips To Improve Your Relationships With OTAs
21 March 2017 by Trond Sorensen in Hospitality Trends & Research ,

Since the dawn of Internet hotel room sales, online travel agencies have been the entities that hotels love to hate. But the relationship between hotels and OTAs doesn’t always have to be costly or contentious. With a little more planning, research and help from channel management specialists and commission payment and recovery services specialists, hotels […]

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In this digital age, face-to-face networking is more important than ever
10 March 2017 by Mike Touhey in Hospitality Trends & Research ,

It happens all too often: the video conference gets dropped; the annoying echo derails an important telephone conversation; or the misinterpreted email threatens to sabotage an important yet virtual relationship. Although we are all dependent on the efficiencies and benefits that technology and global connections bring to us, the imperfections of technology also serve to […]

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