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Introducing InvoicePro: Relief for Your Commission and VAT Tax Headaches
1 February 2017 by Mark Dubrow in Blog , Company News ,

When we announced our new company name last year, we explained that it is a reflection of the increasingly broader focus we are undertaking to better serve our customers’ needs. Today, I am proud to announce an innovation that has come out of that expanded vision: InvoicePro, a comprehensive, automated invoicing service that moves beyond […]

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Will 2017 be the year Book on Google’s intentions are fully revealed?
24 January 2017 by Trond Sorensen in Blog , Hospitality Trends & Research ,

With the beginning of each new year comes the urge to contemplate the past and make predictions about what lies ahead. In the technology and hospitality distribution categories, there is no shortage of potential disruptors to ponder. As we head into 2017, one top-of-mind issue has been pending for a while: the Book on Google […]

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Onyx CenterSource thanks customers with holiday contribution to Red Cross
20 December 2016 by Mark Dubrow in Company News ,

As 2016 draws to a close, we at Onyx CenterSource wish everyone the happiest of holidays and give special thanks to you, our customers and partners, for your support throughout another successful year. While the holiday season represents a time of joy, happiness and good tidings, we also remember those who are less fortunate. Onyx […]

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Part II − Inside the mind of a travel buyer: How one company manages its hotel program
7 December 2016 by Onyx CenterSource in Blog , Business Travel ,

In our last blog, Onyx CenterSource talked with Geert Behets, head of global travel, meetings and fleet management for the Belgium-based pharmaceuticals company UCB, about how his company selects hotels for its preferred provider program. This week, we get his views on relationships between corporate travel buyers, hotel suppliers and the service companies that help […]

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Part I − Inside the mind of a travel buyer: How one company manages its hotel program
30 November 2016 by Onyx CenterSource in Blog , Business Travel , Hotels ,

Many hotel companies this year launched aggressive marketing campaigns offering special rates and other perks to travelers who book directly from their branded websites. Yet when it comes to business travel, it is still the employer who, in principle, decides which hotels employees can book. Most large corporations have established travel policies that require employees […]

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