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Fintech: Creating an Easier, More Secure World for Hotel Payments
2 November 2016 by Mark Dubrow in Blog , Hospitality Trends & Research ,

It’s one of the hot new buzzwords in the business world today: Fintech, short for financial technology. But, as with many technological revolutions, it’s an area where the hospitality industry has lagged. While many businesses threw away their fax machines years ago, many hotels still rely on them daily to receive credit card details for […]

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Industry Pioneer Bill Nicholson to Lead Onyx Product Development
17 October 2016 by Mark Dubrow in Blog , Company News ,

Building on the launch last week of Onyx CenterSource as our new brand name to unify our brands and better communicate our growth and expanded focus, I am pleased to announce today that industry pioneer Bill Nicholson has joined Onyx CenterSource as executive vice president & chief product officer. As many of you know, Nicholson […]

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Announcing Onyx CenterSource, a New Name That Unifies Our Three Brands
10 October 2016 by Mark Dubrow in Blog , Company News ,

Many of our customers know us as Onyx Payments. Some became our clients through the acquisition of Net Trans Services and Worldwide Payment Systems in 2014. We appreciate your loyalty to those brands, which is a tribute to their innovative platforms and exceptional service. Today we are officially unveiling our new name: Onyx CenterSource, which […]

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How Should Travel Management Companies Respond to Sharing Economy Providers Like Airbnb?
12 September 2016 by Onyx CenterSource in Blog , Hospitality Trends & Research ,

More and more business travelers are booking accommodation directly through Airbnb instead of hotel stays that generate commission for travel management companies. How can TMCs turn what looks like a threat into an opportunity? Why Airbnb is a challenge to TMCs … The sharing economy is the hottest story in the world of travel. Almost […]

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What Will We See in Hotels of the Future?
29 August 2016 by Onyx CenterSource in Blog , Hospitality Trends & Research ,

A British hotel used its latest conference to show off the hotel trends of the future. Virgin Hotels has claimed that having access to free Wi-Fi everywhere in a hotel should be a basic right for guests, but as it gets ready to roll out this service in its new hotels in 2015, other brands […]

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