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Onyx CenterSource is a leading global provider of B2B payments and business intelligence solutions to the hospitality industry.


You want to relieve your growing administrative burden and issue payments in a timely manner.

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As one of the only B2B payment providers serving both hotels and travel distributors, Onyx CenterSource has the most complete payments data in the industry. More data means better business insights to drive outcomes for our customers: lower overhead and higher re-bookings.

Cut average days to pay up to 30%
Increase travel agent inquiry close rate up to 5 times
Increase re-bookings from satisfied travel agents
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Increase commissions collected by 20 - 40%
Cut administrative overhead by up to two-thirds
Reduce check volume and fees up to 50%
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"Agencies have categorically told us that the Onyx CenterSource hotels are known within the agency community as “commission-friendly". Therefore, our participation creates an added sense of security in booking commissionable inventory because there is a strong reputation and trust behind the Onyx CenterSource brand. "
-Jon Hodges, Denihan
"WPS (an Onyx CenterSource company), have always delivered an efficient, cost effective commission payment and collection service on behalf of our hotels coupled with a very professional support and advisory service. We are extremely satisfied."
-David Sparrow, Kempinski Hotels
"On behalf of Societe des Bains De Mer, we would like to say that Onyx is a company that has provided us with a very efficient and professional commission payment service for many years. We are extremely happy with such a strong co-operation with Onyx. They ensure that payments are delivered to travel agents on time, and this means the travel agents are happy to book our hotels. The team at Onyx is an essential part of the offering for us and they are always very helpful and responsive."
-Juliette Peglion, Societe des Bains De Mer
"With Onyx we have found the perfect partner offering a unique state-of-the-art platform for all our members. The highly sophisticated Onyx system even allows the TOP Hotels to choose between centralized handling through the TOP head office or individual on-property handling."
-Marcus J. Klar, TOP International
"WPS (an Onyx CenterSource company) is a great payment platform for our partners to track and reconcile payments to  It is always accurate, and their customer support is first class."
-Alessandro Ristori,
"“We recommend this service due to its efficient cash collection, accurate reporting and prompt payment to our bank account each month, enabling us to accurately forecast our cashflow position. Over the past 2 years, due to a significant increase in business, our commission payables have doubled, and Net Trans (an Onyx CenterSource company) has continued to deliver above expectations."
-Anne Barnett, Clarity Travel Management
"We have partnered with Net Trans (an Onyx CenterSource service) for many years and they are a very reliable, professional partner who has increased our commissions collection ratio significantly. Their excellent reporting tools and customer service is first class and they have helped grow our business substantially. "
-Oliver Megyeri, Verkehrsbüro Group
"During the first 15 months of using Net Trans (an Onyx CenterSource company) to reconcile our travel agency commissions, we saw a 20 percent increase in collection. Net Trans also exceeded the performance measures that were put into our contract."
-John Coffman, Direct Travel
"Signing up with Net Trans (an Onyx CenterSource company) has increased our revenue from hotel commissions by 35 percent all while simultaneously reducing banking costs and administration efforts."
-Andreas Reeg, Lufthansa City Center
"When travel agents don’t find their commissions, WPS (an Onyx CenterSource company) always steps in to provide the correct answer within 24 hours. We are very happy and I would definitely recommend using them."
-Alonso Alvarez de Toledo, Made for Spain
"Since we have partnered with Net Trans (an Onyx CenterSource company) our revenue has increased by 10 - 16 percent yearly. Furthermore, the consolidation of payments in a monthly unique bank transfer in Euros simplifies our administrative tasks and allows us to make significant savings in bank charges."
-Romain Cluis, Orsud Voyages
"In 2014 Travizon has collected 20 percent more hotel commissions in the first six months compared to last year. We believe most of this is due to Net Trans (an Onyx CenterSource company)."
-Matt Cummings, Travizon
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"We have partnered with Net Trans (an Onyx CenterSource company) for the last 5 years. We find them a reliable and professional partner who manage to increase our hotel commission profit significantly. Additionally, it greatly reduces our time spend reconciling our hotel bookings together with giving us some further insight into our hotel revenues. We have no hesitation in recommending their service to others."
-Carl Buerckner, Executive Chairman Platinum Travel Corporation
"Onyx CenterSource are professional and provide good value for our business. They are easy to deal with and provide the necessary support that we need. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to any business."
-Graeme Horner, Financial Controller QBT
"After using WPS (an Onyx CenterSource company) for six months, we can confirm that this is a great tool to optimize our commission payment process and save money by avoiding bank fees. It is also important to mention the attentive customer service."
-Olga Cervantes Ochoa, Peru Empire
"Onyx was able to demonstrate improved capabilities versus our previous supplier by providing an improved service and support structure. Onyx also demonstrated the capability to customize and expand their technology platform in order to suit our needs."
-Dan Stephenson, Hyatt
"Onyx CenterSource was selected by Sixt Rent A Car as our official payment provider as they lead the industry for cost effectively and efficiently managing commission payments for travel agents. Their strategic account management team is very accessible and responsive, and has been invaluable from an operational and support perspective. As we move into new markets we look forward to continuing our great partnership with Onyx. "
-Romy Krueger, Sixt Rent A Car