How Blockchain Technology
Can Impact Hospitality

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This free eBook features industry insiders and cryptocurrency expert insight into the future of blockchain in the hospitality industry and outlines the steps you need to take today in order to prepare for the future of payment.

Did you know? 67% of the audience who participated in a live poll at the 2018 FutureSource Hospitality Conference have considered leveraging blockchain at their organization?

Blockchain technology is all the buzz in the payments world, but what impact will it have on hospitality? And how can you, your employees, and your business stay one step ahead of its rise?

The How Blockchain Technology Can Impact Hospitality eBook, presented by Onyx CenterSource, gives actionable advice to prepare your business for blockchain technology, smart contracts and peer-to-peer payment made available through advancement.

  • •   Learn the 5 steps to begin preparing for blockchain technology
  • •   Read industry insight into the future of blockchain across hospitality
  • •   See how ten dollars, an employee, and a crypto currency wallet can impact your business
  • •   Get access to key articles from Brian Forde, political candidate, tech entrepreneur and former senior adviser to the Obama administration