Year 16
Company re-branded as Onyx Centersource™ to better reflect the role we play in serving both hotel and travel agencies.

Year 15
Mark Dubrow, Onyx Payments CEO, named Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year in the Emerging Technology category.

Year 14
Acquires Net Trans in Norway and WPS in Spain to expand global footprint and become the world’s leading provider of commission processing and reconciliation, generating over $1B in payments in 160 countries across the globe.

Year 13
PFS acquired by HIG Capital as a standalone company and rebranded as Onyx Payments.

Year 12
Introduces ABC+, a service offering with comprehensive payment, reconciliation, invoicing and collection services, as well as state-of-the-art online reporting.

Year 10
Introduces customizable dynamic Rules Engine to allow hotels to tailor their commission plans based on real-time trends and yield management.

Expands service offering to the Nordic region of Europe.

Year 08
Reaches milestone of $500 million hotel commissions processed.

Year 06
Renamed ‘Pegasus Financial Services’ (PFS) and expands global reach to processing commissions and payments in multiple currencies.

Year 99
Introduces ERTS product as an integrated solution for reconciling booking and payment data for travel distributors.

Year 92
Group of major hotel chains develop Hotel Clearing Corporation (HCC) to provide consolidation and clearinghouse services for travel distributor commission payments.