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Our Process In 5 Steps

Onyx offers a well-managed implementation process led by experienced team members who move at the pace you require.
Receiving your data

Onyx receives booking data from you in the format of your choosing and on the schedule you prefer. This data can be either consumed data or pre-validated data. If the booking data requires validation, Onyx provides ValidStay, an editing tool to enable this process.

Remittance notice issued

Onyx issues either a pro forma or remittance notice in the currency of your choice.

Payments made to agencies

You then remit the funds to your Onyx account and we take care of getting payment to each of the agencies. One payment to Onyx equals many payments to multiple agencies.

Payments confirmed

Within a week of receiving funds, payment goes out to the travel agencies.  Onyx then sends you a detailed confirmation report. Reconciliation and validation of commission payments is also available 24/7 for you and the travel agencies via our online portal.

Customer Service

To ensure we close the loop, Onyx provides research and follow up for any inquiries received from Travel Agents.

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