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The First Payments Solution For
The Groups, Meeting and Event Industry

GroupPay is a comprehensive automated system that brings transparency, faster payments and easy billing reconciliation to the group, meetings and events market.  GroupPay consolidates meeting and event data in one location, including contracts, reservations as they are made and changed, consumed stay data, and commission payments to be made. Our solution provides the vital link between hotels and meeting planners, ensuring unparalleled transparency and efficiency to track and manage events.

Consolidated and Automated Event Data

All event information including contracts, reservations, consumed stays, and commissions is accessible in our secure online portal, eliminating the often fragmented, manual and inefficient systems that exist today.

Faster Commission Payments

With GroupPay, hotels leverage Onyx’s proven payment platform so meeting planners receive a single payment in the currency of their choice together with supporting details at the guest level.

Real Time View Of Events

GroupPay allows you to search by event date, property name, and commission status, providing real time status and ensuring access to the most current data throughout the lifecycle of the event.

Unique Auto Compare Feature

Syncing booked and stay data, GroupPay reflects any changes made to all parties, ensuring compliance and avoiding payment disputes to build trust and transparency between hotels and meeting planners.

GroupPay: Taking You from Contract
to Commission Payment Seamlessly

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