Corporate Travel Department Payments

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Increase Your Commission Collection

Although corporate travel departments (CTDs) are often created to lower travel costs, it can be challenging for CTDs to collect all their owed hotel commission payments – resulting in lost revenue for companies around the globe. Incomplete data coupled with employee time constraints make it impossible to accurately track payment status and resolve commission disputes. Onyx helps solve these problems with products tailored to the needs of corporate travel departments.

Hotel Relationships

Onyx CenterSource has established relationships with over 150,000 hotels around the world and facilitates over $2.1 billion in payments annually. With more than two decades of experience in B2B payments for the hospitality industry, we can secure the commissions you’re owed, provide actionable data and insights, and help you run a more effective travel program.

Onyx Can Deliver

Measurable Results For Corporate
Travel Departments

  • Up to 50% increases in commissions received
  • Up to 3x reduction in operating costs
  • Enhanced data collection and transparencY

Consolidated payments, reduced banking and currency conversion fees and comprehensive reporting.


20% + more commissions received, up to two times faster.

The World’s Leading
Hospitality Providers Trust Onyx

Case Study: 50% Increase
in Commission Collection

The Corporate Travel Department (CTD) of one of the largest global aircraft manufacturers has consistently provided the highest quality travel management service to their employees as their parent company continues to grow and expand their global reach.

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