Corporate Travel Department
Commission Consolidation

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Sure Pay: The Most Pain-Free
Way to Collect Your Payments

Sure Pay is an industry-leading payment system that corporate travel departments (CTDs) use to recover hotel commission payments in a more cost-efficient and timely manner. Travel bookers in more than 160 countries recover hotel commission payments with Sure Pay.

Why Sure Pay

From consolidated payments to comprehensive reporting, Sure Pay makes recovering your businesses’ commission payments easy and efficient with insightful data that can help you manage your travel policies and run a more effective CTD.

One consolidated
electronic payment

Receive commission payments electronically from all hotels in one transaction - no more checks.

Reduced bank fees

One electronic payment per week reduces bank charges and currency conversion fees.

Reduced administrative

Staff no longer needs to track and process individual paper checks, so they can concentrate on more important tasks.

Payment in your
currency of choice

Choose payment from one of 29 currencies available.

Best-in-class customer service

Access Onyx’s customer support center for assistance with follow up on missing commissions.

Commission reporting

Receive full reporting on all commissions paid in one electronic file instead of individual paper statements from each hotel.

The World’s Leading
Hospitality Providers Trust Onyx

Case Study: 50% Increase
in Commission Collection

The Corporate Travel Department (CTD) of one of the largest global aircraft manufacturers has consistently provided the highest quality travel management service to their employees as their parent company continues to grow and expand their global reach.

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