CommPay: Timely Payments,
Happy Agent

As the leading commission payment solution in the industry, Onyx’s single data collection and funding system eliminates redundancies and streamlines the commission process, making sure that the agents who bring you business are paid in an accurate and timely manner. Our tools allow you to reduce your administrative burden, provide critical tracking and controls and enable you to focus on generating revenue and not managing commission processing.

Reduced administration cost and effort

Reduce administrative burden and cost by outsourcing the resources required to maintain agency profiles and handle queries. Reap costs savings by no longer issuing payment in multiple currencies.

Improved travel agency relationships

Earn a reputation as being “commission friendly” among travel agents by paying promptly.

Global reach

Onyx partners with more than 60,000 commission-paying hotel properties and 200,000 travel booking providers in more than 160 countries, generating more than $1 billion in payments annually.

Best-in-class customer service

Onyx’s multi-lingual customer support center offers fast, personalized assistance, as well as follow-up on any payment queries. You also have access to tracking data and reports via our robust customer portal.

Commission reporting and insights

Tracking tools give you more control over your commission process versus maintaining separate spreadsheets for each agency.

Pay only validated stays

Interface directly with your PMS or utilize our ValidStay web-editing tool to modify booking data so commissions are paid only on validated room stays.

"Supranational Hotels has been one of the leading hotel representation companies since its debut in 1974. Success in gaining business on the GDS relies not only on hotels’ locations and services but also on their reputation in honoring commission commitment to travel agents. Commission is travel agents’ main source of income and therefore any non-payment or late payment will serious impact travel agents’ cash flow and profitability. Therefore hotels who are not playing by the rules are rightly blacklisted by travel agents. On the other hand, however, it is very troublesome for hotels to reconcile and pay out small amounts to each of the numerous travel agents who initiate the bookings. Supranational is very happy with the roles that Onyx CenterSources take, by ensuring easy reconciliation to hotels and timely payments to agents. Supranational has been recommending Onyx CenterSource's services to their 500 strong membership since Onyx’s rebranding in 2013."
-Cho Wong, Supranational Hotels LTD
"QR is working with WPS (an Onyx CenterSource company) since 11 years and we do appreciate the professional service, helpful people and reliable clearing of all our commissions worldwide. With using Onyx we are showing our commitment and spirit towards travel agents worldwide and how we really appreciate their business."
-Carolin Brauer, Managing Director, Quality Reservations
"Steigenberger Hotel Group and Onyx CenterSource have a long-term partnership based on trust, knowledge, excellent customer service and support, handled by a dedicated Account Manager."
-Christian Meissner, Steigenberger Hotel Group
"Onyx CenterSource ensures that TOP International Hotel commissions find the right path to the right agent, and therefore underlining that TOP Hotels are trustworthy and reliable partners for travel agents around the globe."
-Marcus J. Klar, TOP International
"Onyx CenterSource was selected by Sixt Rent A Car as our official payment provider as they lead the industry for cost effectively and efficiently managing commission payments for travel agents. Their strategic account management team is very accessible and responsive and has been invaluable from an operational and support perspective. As we move into new markets we look forward to continuing our great partnership with Onyx."
-Romy Krueger, Sixt Rent A Car
"HotelREZ prides itself on representing over 1,000 independent and small chain hotels across 30 countries. Onyx CenterSource’s CommPay solution helped streamline our commission payment process and enabled us to reduce administrative cost across for our member hotels so we can focus on providing stellar customer experiences for our guests. "
-Sharon Wimborne, Executive Director, HotelREZ

Add On Features

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OTAStay Manage bookings, issue invoices and process commissions payments to online travel agencies. LEARN MORE
PerformPay Customize business rules and logic to specific transactions, and manage your customized rules through the Onyx web portal. LEARN MORE

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