IntraBill: Seamlessly Automate
Your Internal Billing Process

Streamline the invoicing process between you and your affiliated properties by letting Onyx handle your internal invoicing. We work with your team to understand your billing needs and then automate the process for transaction, membership, database, and marketing fees, making it more efficient, more reliable and more accurate.

Reduced administration time

Since outsourcing internal billing streamlines the process, your staff is freed to focus on revenue generation.

Fast and customized payments

Receive weekly payments in your preferred currency of choice.

Lower banking fees

Hotels are invoiced in the currency of their choice and pay Onyx in the same currency.

Best-in-class customer service

Access to our multilingual support center for quick assistance with any questions you or your properties might have.

Consolidated data

Through our system you will have access to invoices that have been posted to our web portal on your behalf, with up to date status.

Same CommPay portal

With Onyx Payments managing both your commission management and internal billing automation, we simplify the process for you and your hotels and ensure both processes are managed through a single portal.

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