Why onyx

Closing the Loop, Building Relationships

People who love travel don’t just love it; they’re passionate about it. The same is true for those who work in the travel and hospitality industry, and the team at Onyx is no different. It’s why so many of us can measure our time in hospitality in decades. Hospitality is all about delivering the best customer experience possible, and we love helping our hotel and agency clients deliver for their customers. It’s something that’s in our blood, and we’ve been told it is a differentiator versus our competition.

The new Onyx came together because we saw an opportunity to better serve our customers on a global scale. Rather than serving either hotels or travel agents for their commission processing needs, we could “close the loop” and serve both sides of the network to optimize the ecosystem. Because if we can enable hotels to be more commission friendly to travel agents, agents will re-book those hotels, which generates more revenue for the hotels and in turn more commissions for the agent, a “virtuous circle,” if you will.

Our Unique Position

The thing we like to do best, though, is bring people together. There is a traditional belief that an onyx stone protects harmonious relationships.  And in a way, that’s what we do. As the only payment processor working with both hotels and agencies, we can eliminate some of the natural misunderstandings that cause relationships between the two to become strained. Often, those misunderstandings stem from a lack of visibility into data and transparent reporting, the kind that Onyx is able to provide. Working with both sides of the commission equation gives us a completeness of information that’s unmatched in the industry. It allows us to not only help foster those harmonious relationships, but it lets us provide our customers with actionable insights to improve their business performance.