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Travel Agency B2B Payment Distribution

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Optimizes your payment process to
anyone, anywhere, at any time.

PayRoute is a global payment platform through which any B2B payment in the travel industry can be processed.

How PayRoute™ Benefits You
How PayRoute™ Benefits Your Recipients

Cost-Effective Alternative to Other Payment Mechanisms

Due to our payments infrastructure, PayRoute can be a cost-effective alternative to virtual credit cards (VCCs) in distributing pre-payments to individual hotel properties or local banks.

Fast & Customized Payment

With PayRoute, you provide weekly payments in the currency of your choice to your affiliates in a wide variety of payments methods: wire transfer, direct debit, and credit card.

Reduced Administration Time

By outsourcing this process to Onyx CenterSource, you are able to reduce administrative overhead and focus your staff on revenue-generating activities.

Online Tracking Gives You Control

Get 24/7 visibility and access to reports through the Onyx portal, as well as ensure legal and banking compliance.

Fast, Customized Payments

Receives an electronic payment from a local bank in the currency of their choice.

Centralization & Control

Receive consolidated payments and online tracking and reconciliation tools.

Multilingual Support

Access to a dedicated support team that answers queries within 24 hours.

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