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RecoverPro: Receive More of
the Payments You're Owed

RecoverPro manages every aspect of the commission recovery process for you. Our robust hotel commission recovery service is the end-to-end solution for your bookings. You’ll have time to focus on revenue increasing tasks while an Onyx team of commission professionals handles reconciling, tracking and accounting for payments owed from any hotel with which your corporate travel department does business, all over the world.

Why RecoverPro

Onyx collects booking data through a seamless process and handles all data matching, hotel follow up, tax invoicing and reporting needs, greatly reducing your administrative costs. Many of the world’s largest travel bookers are among the more than 200,000 travel agencies, corporate travel departments, and travel management companies that use our commission tracking and recovery service, and the data it provides, to run more profitable agencies and more productive businesses.

Increased commissions

Corporate travel departments see up to a 50 percent increase in commissions collected using Onyx recovery services.

Reduced administrative overhead

Greatly reduce the internal resources required to administer commissions receivables by outsourcing commissions recovery with RecoverPro.

Lower bank fees

Substantially decrease check volume, bank charges, and currency conversion fees with one consolidated electronic payment per week in the currency of your choice.

Reporting and business insights

Get a complete picture of your hotel business and know your most productive hotel relationships through full reporting on all commissions paid to you in one electronic file, including all VAT reports.

Straightforward invoicing

Ensure tax compliance with our InvoicePro feature that provides a complete inventory of documented commissionable transactions for value added taxes.

Hotel follow up

Unpaid bookings will be pursued by Onyx for up to a full year, ensuring the greatest likelihood of successful commission recovery.

The World’s Leading
Hospitality Providers Trust Onyx

Case Study: 50% Increase
in Commission Collection

The Corporate Travel Department (CTD) of one of the largest global aircraft manufacturers has consistently provided the highest quality travel management service to their employees as their parent company continues to grow and expand their global reach.

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