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Travel Agent Money Management: Smart Ways to Increase Cash Flow During Market Recovery
by Onyx CenterSource in Blog , Travel Agencies ,

Reading Time: 4 minutes Travel agent money management is an essential art to master in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. The industry has already seen a rise in travel in the early months of the vaccine, with TSA traveler throughput volumes increasing 55% from February to March alone. As the travel industry starts its ascent back to pre-COVID […]

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Five Ways for Hotels to Maximize Agency Relationships in a Post-COVID World
by Onyx CenterSource in Blog ,

Reading Time: 4 minutes As the hospitality industry continues to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic and early stages of recovery, a common sentiment among hotels is a focus on fundamentals—ensuring the foundational elements are in order to achieve success as the market recovers. While a focus on restoring revenue is key in recovery, agency relationships also play a pivotal role. […]

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What Will Become of Business Travel Post-COVID?
by Onyx CenterSource in Blog ,

Reading Time: 5 minutes Several high-profile business names have recently shared their opinion on the future of business travel in the wake of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, which has taken close to 2.5 million lives, ravaged economies, devastated supply chains and international trade, and cost the global travel industry an estimated $935 billion. While both leisure and business travel […]

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Adapting to the New Normal of Payment in 2021: HEDNA Webinar Recap
by Onyx CenterSource in Blog , Hospitality Trends & Research , Hotels ,

Reading Time: 4 minutes From both a consumer and B2B perspective, hotel payment has evolved significantly in response to the global pandemic. In 2020, innovative contactless payment methods and a focus on fraud prevention took center stage, but what will shape payment in 2021? Recently, Onyx’s Senior VP of Product and Marketing Brian Clubb participated as a panelist in […]

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The Top 3 Travel Agency Trends to Watch in 2021
by Onyx CenterSource in Blog , Business Travel , Travel Agencies ,

Reading Time: 4 minutes 2020 brought dramatic ups and downs to the travel industry. Airports recorded a reduction of more than 6 billion passengers. Innovation brought the wonders of travel temporarily to the living rooms of people all around the world living under stay-at-home orders. There was hope in the form of a vaccine that promises a brighter future […]

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