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How to Increase Travel Agent Commissions in 5 Steps
by Onyx CenterSource in Blog , Travel Agencies ,

Reading Time: 4 minutes Travel agent commissions are the travel agency payments received from hotels for the bookings an agent made at the hotel. For example, a commission payment may be 10% of the cost of the client’s room stay. Commission payment percentages vary from hotel to hotel, and travel agents can expect a bit of variance in their […]

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The One Technology That Can Disrupt Cross-Border Payments at Last
by Onyx CenterSource in Hospitality Trends & Research , Hotels , Travel Agencies ,

Reading Time: 5 minutes From both a corporate and consumer standpoint, cross-border payments have integrated themselves into our daily life. Today’s companies do business around the world. Manufacturers source parts, materials, and labor abroad as often as they do domestically, and in some cases, large corporations outsource more than half of their business abroad. Global travel, both for business […]

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Onyx CenterSource Contributes to Hospitality Recovery as Data Partner to the Skift Recovery Index
by Onyx CenterSource in Blog , Hospitality Trends & Research , Hotels , Travel Agencies ,

Reading Time: 2 minutes Onyx CenterSource is excited to announce our new role as contributing data partner for the Skift Recovery Index. While the global hospitality market continues to navigate recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, the availability of actionable data and insights remains vital. The Skift Recovery Index helps provide those insights by including a detailed view of the […]

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Hospitality B2B Payment: What Will the Future Hold?
by Onyx CenterSource in Blog , Hotels , Travel Agencies ,

Reading Time: 4 minutes   When the hospitality industry speaks about payment innovation, much of the emphasis is put on guest payment experience in the hospitality space. With more and more guests demanding ease of payment for trips and hotel stays, it’s no wonder that keeping up with payment demand sees such enthusiastic discussion.But by concentrating on guest payments, […]

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What Will Hotel Recovery Look Like After COVID-19?
by Onyx CenterSource in Blog , Hotels ,

Reading Time: 4 minutes   Much speculation has been expressed across the hospitality industry about what hotel recovery will look like after COVID-19. Rightfully so, as we saw the steepest decline in travel history happen swiftly within days of outbreaks in major cities and regions across the globe. Many hotels are still shuttered, awaiting word from governmental agencies on […]

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