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Partner Payments Simplified

Operating a hotel isn’t as simple as a single-sided transaction between hotel and guest. Travel agencies, corporate travel departments, event planners, and other hospitality businesses all contribute additional revenue to hotels, contingent upon prompt and full payment. With so many crucial business partners requiring remittance, a seamless B2B payment experience, for both hotelier and partner, is more important than ever to maintain a profitable partnership
and business.

Your Reputation

Onyx CenterSource helps more than 150,000 hotels protect their reputations and keep travel agencies and other partners satisfied. We do this by helping hotels process B2B payments that unlock data and insights to improve partnerships, increase revenue, and grow their business.

Onyx Can Deliver Up to …


Streamline the commissions payment process by outsourcing to Onyx.


Consolidate payments and reduce administration time.


Automate for faster payments and improved efficiency.

"Working with Onyx (an Onyx CenterSource company) has significantly expedited the travel agencies commission payments around the world during the last years. Through onyxcentersource.com, both hoteliers and travel agents can easily follow up on the payment status and reconcile any request made by the agencies."
-Alvaro Camacho, Camino Real
"We used to pay every single agency commission separately this is why we chose the self invoice solution as we found it to be the best way to have all our agencies invoiced. Self-invoice is an easy way to have all your records and commissions managed in a coherent way. We save many working hours and from an administrative point of view, the process is more coherent. Self-invoice has allowed us to get the process of invoicing under control."
-Laura Montori, Baglioni
"QR is working with WPS (an Onyx CenterSource company) since 11 years and we do appreciate the professional service, helpful people and reliable clearing of all our commissions worldwide. With using WPS we are showing our commitment and spirit towards travel agents worldwide and how we really appreciate their business."
-Carolin Brauer, Managing Director, Quality Reservations
"With Onyx, the payment of our commissions has been significantly simplified. They are calculated automatically and the status of the invoices can now be followed up in real time. It is easy to use and reliable, and it saves us a considerable amount of time. We barely get any invoice reminders from agencies now!"
-Timothe Bonneau, Ascott
"HotelREZ prides itself on representing over 1,000 independent and small chain hotels across 30 countries. Onyx CenterSource’s CommPay solution helped streamline our commission payment process and enabled us to reduce administrative cost across for our member hotels so we can focus on providing stellar customer experiences for our guests."
-Sharon Wimborne, Executive Director, HotelREZ
"Onyx CenterSource was selected by Sixt Rent A Car as our official payment provider as they lead the industry for cost effectively and efficiently managing commission payments for travel agents. Their strategic account management team is very accessible and responsive, and has been invaluable from an operational and support perspective. As we move into new markets we look forward to continuing our great partnership with Onyx. "
-Romy Krueger, Sixt Rent A Car
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