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This webinar series features industry experts discussing B2B payments in the hospitality sector, solutions that address critical pain points, and best practices.

Three leaders in the hospitality field (Onyx CenterSource, Edgar Dunn & Company (EDC), and Hotel Electronic Distribution Network Association (HEDNA) host a webinar series based on HEDNA’s whitepaper, Payments Trends and Future Best Practices in the Hotel Sector.

3rd Party Commissions

Learn how travel agencies and hotels can lower costs, save time, improve process efficiency, and solve other key commissions-related pain points with an effective 3rd party commissions system.

B2B Payments Webinar

Despite technological advances throughout the travel industry, hotels continue using outdated systems for collecting payment from travel partners, leading to higher costs, process inefficiencies, and heightened risk. Learn more about the true cost of outdated payment models and how a new model of payment collection could solve these pain points.

Guest Centric Payments

Hotels face a number of major challenges when processing guest payments, including payment acceptance, currencies, operational inefficiency, and PCI compliance and security. Find out how you can tackle each of these pain points with a more efficient payment collection and processing strategy.


Streamline your hotel’s commissions payments cost-effectively and get valuable insights that can strengthen travel agency partnerships and increase your hotel’s revenue.

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Provide your travel agency partners with unparalleled transparency and efficiency while you easily track and manage your events from contract to commission payment.

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Analytic Data Services

Enhance your hotel’s revenue strategy and unlock strategic business insights with interactive dashboards that display and predict major performance metrics.

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