My FutureSource Takeaways

May 8, 2017
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Disruptor: It’s a buzzword that can strike either fear or excitement in you depending on which side of the disruption your business may fall.

Today I came into work with a renewed sense of excitement and invigoration after hosting FutureSource, our inaugural customer conference, last week in Fort Worth, Texas. It was an ambitious undertaking, with three days of panel and speaker discussions featuring experts from the front lines of lodging, travel agencies, and distribution. Of course we also had fun, and we all know how much the travel industry likes to have fun.

Thanks to my dedicated staff and the willing participation of some of our most valued customers and colleagues, we not only pulled it off, we far exceeded my expectations.

The candid, thought-provoking discussions taught me a lot about what we are doing right and where there is an opportunity to do more to meet the industry needs of the future. They also underscored my confidence that we are moving in the right direction as we put the finishing touches on what travel sellers and buyers have said is a much-needed group, meetings and events solution. I am also more excited that our new global head of payments, Mike Carlo, is on board to help us shape new directions in the payments field. And I am enthusiastic about launching a future business intelligence product to the industry that provides actionable insights to help our customers leverage business trends.

FutureSource also focused on the future of distribution, blockchain technology, cyber payments and the huge changes that Chinese international travel will have on our industry. And underlying everything was that one theme that keeps us up at night: the potential for disruption. Because if we aren’t willing to disrupt our own business at times, there are others “outside the gate” who certainly will.

I was also encouraged by the tone and sincerity displayed by our attendees ─ competitors and sectors that are sometimes at odds with one another ─ regarding the level of partnership required to ensure success in the future.

That’s why it is so important for all of us to build on and continue these conversations, to keep an eye on the present and find ways to solve today’s issues with tomorrow’s solutions. Maintaining a view of the “art of the possible” will provide a pulse on what is coming around the corner.

Thanks so much to all who joined us. Please comment below to let us know how we can improve for the future. I’m already looking forward to our next even bigger and better FutureSource.

-CEO Mark Dubrow