Business Travelers Driving Online Retail for High-Value Goods

August 1, 2016
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Research suggests business travelers are spending more money while on the move.

Business travelers are well known for being tech-savvy, showing a willingness to embrace the latest and most exciting technological trends in a bid to ensure they are always working at their peak.

The increased sophistication of mobile hardware has had a positive impact on many business travelers, many of whom constantly find themselves on the move and away from the office.

A recent Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) survey found that around six in ten business travelers believe mobile technology allows them to remain productive while on the road.

Yet it is now just work that occupies most of the time business travelers spend on their mobile devices, research shows they are also using their devices to spend their money.

A study by ADARA, which is a leading name in leveraging global travel data to drive future business performance, found that over eight in ten business travelers are relying on their smartphone (85 percent) – and 89 percent on their tablet device – to complete purchases.

Such figures are perhaps unsurprising given that the time business travelers spend online through mobile devices is 40 percent higher than the rest of the general population.

The amount of time spent online by business travelers means they are far more likely to conduct a greater amount of research before booking flights or hotels when compared average to other travelers.

Elizabeth Harz, president of media, ADARA, said the figures showed that business travelers are an audience that presents plenty of opportunity for marketers.

She added: “Business travelers are a desirable audience for marketers looking to promote higher-value products.

“They are twice as likely to earn salaries over $100,000 and use online media significantly more to make purchase decisions, compared to the average consumer.

“Having a clear understanding of how and when to engage business travelers with online content can yield significant impact for marketers.”