Compliant Invoicing Now Available in GroupPay by Onyx CenterSource

May 22, 2023
Reading Time: < 1 minute

A seamless solution for the submission of commission invoices on behalf of agencies who conduct business across a variety of global markets ensuring compliance with local invoice and tax regulations.

Onyx CenterSource is excited to announce the release of a new feature for compliant invoicing, which is now available on our GroupPay platform. With the addition of compliant invoicing to the solution components, it is easier than ever for meeting & event clients to conduct business in markets across the globe while remaining compliant.

This feature allows a GroupPay agency client to generate and automatically distribute a tax compliant invoice in more than 30 countries to their vendor partners for a specific commission amount due. This functionality ensures that our clients remain compliant with local tax laws, minimizing the risk of penalties or fines and automates what can be a manual and time-consuming process.

The introduction of compliant invoicing into our GroupPay solution is not only a boon to our clients, but also a major milestone for Onyx CenterSource as we support driving compliance and automation for the global fast-paced recovery of meetings and events. We are thrilled to be able to offer compliant invoicing within GroupPay, an innovative B2B payments solution for the meeting and event industry.

We are confident that this new functionality will help our clients streamline their business processes and further enhance their experience using GroupPay by Onyx CenterSource.

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