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More than 150,000 hotels and resorts around the globe trust CommPay to safely and effectively process their travel agent commission payments. Enroll below to start seeing the benefits of a streamlined system.

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PLEASE NOTE: Online enrollment is not available for existing Onyx customers. Unless otherwise agreed by both parties, existing customer relationships will continue to be governed by the terms of the existing contract.

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Hotel Information

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Balancing Contact Person responsible for approving the balancing report during each processing cycle and submitting a signed copy back to Onyx

Funding Contact Person who will receive the funding/remittance notice in order for payment to be made to Onyx

Contract Contact Person responsible for approving and signing the Onyx contract

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Initial term of 3 years, with automatic annual renewals thereafter unless either party provides written notice of non-renewal at least 90 days prior to the end of the then-current term.

Payment distributions for agencies without Sure Pay™ contracts will be made in USD.

Commission Processing Fees: $1 per Commissionable Transaction

PLEASE NOTE: In certain cases, service implementation may require changes to the standard Service Agreement. Your online enrollment will not be binding on either you or Onyx until you receive confirmation from Onyx that your enrollment has been finalized.

Hotel Information

Commercial Address



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