Providing a Faster and Smoother Client Support Experience

February 23, 2024
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In this post, you’ll learn how our dedicated support representatives can serve you better when you have all the necessary information available prior to contacting Onyx Client Support.  


As a client of Onyx CenterSource, you might face certain issues or have queries related to your account, payments or other aspects of our services. We’re here to help! Continue reading to discover the key pieces of information needed prior to contacting Onyx’s support team so we can best resolve your inquiry. 

To ensure we can provide you with quick and efficient support, it’s important that you have all the necessary information ready before contacting us. That’s why we’ve created the Onyx Client Support Checklist. By collecting all the required information available before you contact us for support, you can help us serve you faster.  


Onyx Client Support Checklist


Here’s more detail on the items included in the checklist:


Business Information

The first step is to ensure you have all your correct business information ready to provide us. This includes your first and last name, company email, company name, address, and IATA or other unique identifier, such as ARC/TIDS/CLIA/Affiliate Code or Hotel Chain/Property ID/Funding Group ID.  

Follow-up Contact Information

When you contact us for support, please provide us with your follow-up contact information, such as your business phone number, mobile phone and an alternate phone number. This will help us get in touch with you quickly and easily if we need any further details from you.  

Payment Information

If your inquiry is related to payments, please make sure you have the hotel name and address, confirmation number for each request, payment reference (if available), the guest’s first and last name, arrival and departure dates, payment amount and any other payment details ready prior to contacting Onyx Support.  

Sensitive Information Reminders

If your inquiry is payment-related, you must be the Authorized Contact on your account or have their written permission for us to release sensitive account information. The Authorized Contact is usually the contact who contracted with Onyx or a member in your Finance team. Acceptable written permission is on company letterhead, indicates you have permission to access the information and is signed by the Authorized Contact.  

Important Note

This is a great time to mention that you should always notify your vendors and financial partners (like Onyx!) of any updates to your account information as they happen, such as changes to the Authorized Contact, legal details, physical address updates or a new phone number.  

Other Relevant Information

When you contact Onyx Support, please provide as much information as possible with details about what you’re encountering. The more information you can provide about the issue or query, the better we can understand it and work to provide you with a quick resolution.  

By following this checklist, you can help us serve you better and faster. We hope you find this checklist useful and thank you for being a valued client of Onyx. 


Click here to download a PDF of the Onyx Client Support Checklist



Ambra Roveda joined Onyx in 2023 as the company’s first Vice President of Support Operations. She brings 15 years of experience in the aviation and tourism industry and is passionate about customer service, customer experience and operational excellence.